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Ridge at North Texas | Thankful This Fall

Leaves are turning, a fresh chill is in the air, and I hope you are finding many things to be thankful for this fall. Fall is a time to get close with family and friends, take a look around, and enjoy the great memories you’ve made this year.

These days we are bombarded with ads and influencers telling us we need to buy more, or we need to be more. It seems like every time we look at Instagram there’s something else we don’t have. As we go through life there is always something more to be wanted, something else to be had, and our happiness becomes focused around getting the next thing, never satisfied.

If you’re reading this you probably have internet access, a place to live, and something to eat for your next meal. That’s more than billions of people have in this world. Take a moment today to focus not on what you want, but what you already have. You’ll soon see there’s a lot to be grateful for. This fall, spread joy and love because we are all so lucky to be here. Have a happy Thanksgiving!