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Ridge at North Texas | Self Improvement During Social Distancing

During this time we all find ourselves in, we can decide to make the best of it.  While there are always going to be stressors and worries in our lives, we can take steps to help alleviate the stress and improve ourselves overall.  Given that we have access to the internet, there are endless resources for anything and everything, at your fingertips.  Here are 5 ways to care for yourself and maybe learn something new.

  1. Read – First and foremost, reading is very relaxing.   It is a great form of entertainment, but it can also be informative.   There are countless nonfiction books on the market, and many of them contain amazing information on topics such as changing your mindset, tips on finances or healthy living.  There are several apps for digital books that you can purchase without leaving you home. If you don’t like reading, you can take advantage of audiobooks. has thousands of books to choose from and they have a free trial, so get reading. 
  2. Home Workout – It is important to keep up your normal workout routines, but with many of the gyms closed temporarily, you’ll need to continue your fitness regime at home.  Go for a run or walk outside.  Join challenge groups on Facebook.  Use online workout apps to design you own workouts.  The Fiton App has many free workouts that allow you to customize a workout that fits your needs.  If you do not already exercise regularly, this is a great time to get started. 
  3. Learn a New Hobby – Everyone has something they wish they could do like play a musical instrument,  cook a gourmet meal or speak a foreign language.  There are apps that will teach you anything you want to know and many of them are free.  You can learn just about anything you can think of from YouTube and Google.  Think about something you have always wanted to excel at and get busy learning.
  4.  Selfcare – Indulge in things that you really enjoy and that relax and refresh you.  Play that video game you haven’t had time for.  Take time to meditate.  This helps many to release pent up tensions and allows them to let go of worries.  Many prefer to journal as this is a form a meditation that allows you to document your thoughts and then let them go.  Use that face mask you love or give yourself a manicure.  Take a hot bubble bath by candlelight.  Use your artistic abilities to create a painting, write a song or make an amazing meal.   
  5. Raise Your Mood – It’s important to keep a positive attitude in times of uncertainty.  In order to do that you should limit the amount of negative influences around you.  Avoid watching the news or reading negative social media posts.  If it is important, you will definitely hear about it.  Spend time with your pets.  Animals have a way of calming most people and they’ll love the extra attention too.  Make sure you are reaching out to the people in your life that you care about.  Call, Facetime, Skype Etc.  Make sure you keep your important relationships a priority.  Have Facetime parties, make groups calls or challenge your friends and family members to silly contests just for fun.   Make plans for the future.  Our current situation is temporary, and it will pass.  We all need to keep the attitude that everything will return to normal soon and live accordingly while continuing safe practices.