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Ridge at North Texas | A New Normal

Well, we all had a crazy April this year.  Probably, the most unpredictable time any of us has ever experienced.  Now that some of us are transitioning away from social distancing, we can see things beginning to get back to “a new normal”.    

What are you going to do with your new found freedom?  What did you take for granted during this time?  Who did you take for granted?  What did you miss the most? Remember these things as we look forward.  Let’s make plans for the future! 

Let’s make plans in a safer way that we might have in the past. 

  1. Summer Vacation – This year you might plan a trip somewhere a little more secluded.  Maybe camping trip or renting a cabin at the lake.  Avoid long travel or large group trips like cruise to Mexico. 


  1. Socializing – Many of us already social quite a bit online.  But what about with friend and family?  Maybe we could start with smaller gathering at home.  Movie nights, dinner parties, or game nights would be a great way to socialize.


  1. Shopping – Many have moved to online shopping, but many prefer brick and mortar shopping.  It’s definitely more fun than online shopping, so we can take precautions.  Shop during off hours, stay a safe distance from others and take PPE’s just in case.


  1. Restaurants – While we have all been taking advantage of takeout and delivery services for food, most restaurants are reopening at least at partial capacity.  If you really want to eat at the restaurant, try to go at off times during the day to avoid the crowds.  Requested a secluded table or booth.  And wear PPE before and after the meal while walking past other customers. 


Let’s all have a great  and safe may!